How to use formatted excerpts in Themple Starter?

A new feature of Themple v1.1 is that you can choose what excerpt formats you’d like to use for your post excerpts on your blog page. If you go to the post editor in wp-admin, you can see the Excerpt Format option inside the Post Layouts box. Here you have 4 options to choose from:


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Themple Helper – what is it?

Themple Helper is the first bundled plugin of the Themple Starter package. Currently it gives you a shortcode that makes it possible to display the values of your options wherever you’d like to in your pages and posts.

However, before we take a look into this small plugin, let’s see why it is bundled as a ... Read more...


Dealing with post layouts in Themple Starter

Post Layouts is a new feature of Themple Starter v1.1. Now you can choose between layouts with left or right sidebar and have an option to have a full-width layout without sidebars. And it is available for any kind of post types – unlike the classic method with page templates that you can only use ... Read more...


How to use Font Awesome icons with Themple Framework

Font Awesome icons are added to the framework

Themple Framework includes the LESS version of the Font Awesome library. The framework backend uses this library for displaying icons, but you can make use of it in your front end template files, too. So if you are working with Themple, there is no need for ... Read more...


New version of WP Slide-up box after 3.5 years

It has taken for a while that I was finally able to update this plugin. This had been the very first plugin that I’d created for the WordPress plugin repository, and to my surprise it became quite popular among WordPress users… Even 2 years after I discontinued the support for it, people were asking for Read more…


How to find the ID number of an uploaded picture in WordPress?

Some WordPress plugins require you to enter ID numbers of uploaded pictures, which they’d do some modifications/effects on.

Especially gallery-managing or other visual plugins (like WP Slide-up Box) would use these picture ID numbers. The problem is that WordPress doesn’t show these numbers to the users by default. But don’t worry, there ... Read more...


Dealing with the built-in Grid System

What is a grid system and and what is it good for?

A grid system splits your website into rows and columns that has a major benefit on the site’s layout:

  • Elements are well structured visually, everything has its place in the layout
  • Consequent element widths and heights throughout the whole website
  • Easy to connect your HTML / CSS ... Read more...